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Vancouver after dark
The outdoor skating rink and above ground the magical fireworks and aerial performance dazzle the thousands of gatherers.
And, anybody who was tuned into CTV after the Olympics coverage will have seen the outdoor newscast with a crazy crowd in the background. JB couldn't help but swing by and be one of the annoyances behind the anchors.

During any of the nights if you looked closely you'd have seen protestors. Some nights CTV staff was deployed to block the protest banners with a giant Canadian flag that two people would run back and forth with when they could see the protestors getting screen time. Generally, it worked, but it took them a while to figure out things are mirrored when you watch them back on TV so they would dart the wrong way which totally gave away what they were trying to do.
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From the streets it was time to go clubbing -- CHECK IT OUT
Every night thousands of people gather to watch the 15-minute display that electrifies the sky. After the show there was spontaneous street dancing and very often a familiar tune -- O Canada.
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Whether a street was packed and people could barely move or there was room to dance, everybody felt the Olympic spirit and sense of community. All different cultures joined in for a spontaneous dance with a live band busking at a busk stop... uh, bus stop.
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