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Glitz and glamour of Granville
Anywhere you go in Vancouver you'll be seeing red. It's not just because of slow-moving traffic and hundreds of thousands of people, it's that Canadian pride has taken over for the Olympics.
Vancouver has long been known as a cultural city, but more so during the 2010 Games. It's a sea of people on the streets of Vancouver. Local students helped make artwork along Granville.
The colours and sounds of Canada are showcased on sidewalks, street corners, and in some cases the middle of the streets!
Aside from some aggressive protestors causing disturbances, Vancouver is a celebration of people for the next few weeks.
There were few sunny breaks during Vancouver 2010's opening weekend. But the rain wasn't enough to speed up people enjoying a relaxing stroll in downtown Vancouver. The mild winter days seemed more like spring, making some people wonder why the Olympics is being held in such a warm place.
With many roads closed downtown, traffic is primarily people on foot going from one venue to another. Some drivers in Vancouver are becoming increasingly frustrated with major delays, while many local residents are being allowed to work from home to avoid the stressful commute during the Olympics.